Mercury Pro+ Alkaline Resistant Double-Action Trigger Spray


The Mercury Pro+ Double-Action Alkaline Resistant Trigger Spray is designed with enhanced chemical resistance for the application of alkaline-based chemicals used in small areas in healthcare, industry, food processing, and workshops.

The Mercury Alkaline Resistant Double-Action Trigger Spray is equipped with the world’s only unique double-action trigger head which sprays on both the “in” and the “out” to provide a constant, fine spray with minimal effort!

The Mercury Double-Action Sprayers also come:

  • With EPDM seals making them durable and long lasting.
  • With an adjustable nozzle – easily adjust the desired degree of liquid into a continuous stream.
  • With durable tanks marked with a bar scaled and indicator of liquid level.

What applications can the Alkaline Resistant Double-Action Sprayer be used for?

These Double-Action Trigger Sprays have many applications in healthcare, industry, food processing and workshops including:

  • Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces.
  • Cleaning sanitary and hospital areas.
  • Cleaning floors and walls in commercial buildings, warehouses and production spaces.
  • Cleaning steel elements on boats and aeroplanes.
  • Degreasing tools and engines.
  • Oil, grease, lubricant, soot removing.

The Mercury Pro+ Double-Action Alkaline Resistant Trigger Spray used with the Mercury Foaming Nozzle, will allow you to apply cleaning chemicals as a foam to vertical surfaces.

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