Can You Clean Gutters With A Vacuum?

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Yes, you most certainly can. Using a gutter vac is also definitely the safest way to clean gutters without having to climb a ladder or set up expensive and awkward scaffolding or a cherry picker lift.

Gutter Vacuum

If you get a gutter hoover vacuum cleaner that’s powerful enough and designed for the job, you’ll clean gutters with your feet on the ground easily and quickly!

What Is the Best Gutter Vacuum For Your Job?

There are a lot of gutter hoovers on the market and most of them do the job to a degree but there are a few important features that you need to consider.

Won’t it be a dream if you could vacuum gutters as easily as hoovering your carpet?

At Cleancare, we worked along with our customers and facilities management companies to collect feedback and reviews to find out what the challenges of cleaning gutters were.

We then worked with an industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturer ELSEA in Italy to develop equipment that was powerful enough and purpose-built to clean debris, wet leaves, and dirt from gutters without having to climb ladders.

The Different Types of Gutter Hoover

First and foremost, you need an industrial vacuum that is powerful enough and an average wet and dry vacuum just won’t cut it for gutter cleaning.

Get something with multiple motors and that should give you over 3000 watts of power.

Gutter Vac

Second, but equally important, you need to have the debris coming into the machine tank via an inlet that will not clog up. Standard – even ‘Industrial’ – vacuums have a small plastic elbow where the leaves, etc., enter the waste tank and easily clogs with a gutter’s muck.

You need a ‘cyclonic’ waste inlet where the dirt enters at the edge of the waste tank drum and has no obstruction so can ‘cyclone’ all the way around before settling down.

Thirdly, you need hose and fittings that are 50mm in diameter. Standard commercial vacuums have 38mm diameter fittings and they are liable to clog up rapidly when gutter cleaning.

Lastly, a good idea is to deploy an air-filter protector mechanism. This is like a large metal bowl that goes into the machine drum before the filter and prevents any sharp debris from tearing the filter.

How Do I Choose The Best Gutter Vac?

We’ve done it for you! Well in fact we didn’t just ‘choose’ it, we created it!

The Elsea Titanus gutter cleaning vacuum has all the features mentioned above as well as being built on a robust tipping trolley for easy emptying and having a washable air filter for low-cost maintenance.

Gutter Hoover

This is the reliable gutter hoover of choice for professional cleaning contractors, exterior cleaning companies, and facilities management companies that undertake cleaning and maintenance tasks. Add one of our gutter pole kits according to the height you need to reach, and you are ready for action!

An optional vacuum tool kit is available so it can be used for wet and dry vacuuming floors, walls, and other surfaces. Great for high-level work, excellent value price, and extremely powerful.

Then just a final tip: We strongly recommend that you purchase the V-TUF and add a spare HEPA washable filter so you can keep vacuuming whilst the original is being washed and dried.


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