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What Is The Best Urinal Screen? P-Wave Slant6 vs iVo EkcoScreen 60 Day

Best urinal screen

As the urinal screens market becomes increasingly saturated with new products, consumers are faced with a plethora of options with which they can protect their washrooms from odour and urine splashback. We decided we would take two prominent products: the bestselling P-Wave Slant6, and the new, yet highly rated iVo EkcoScreen 60 day. Best Urinal […]

Urinal Screen Mats – Are They Worth It?

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Urinal Screen Mats – what are they? Urinal screen mats have become exceedingly popular over the past few years, many more gents’ washrooms now use them in their urinals either as an alternative to, or in combination with the dissolving chemical toilet blocks.  Why are these rubbery mats now the most popular method of keeping […]