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Cleaning vs Disinfecting vs Sanitisation

Surface cleaning is obtained by removing debris, dust and dirt without the surface being worked on deteriorating as a result of the operation or due to subsequent reactions caused by the operation itself. Sanitising reduces the bacteria identified on the product label to a safe level. Sanitisers typically have ‘light’ cleaning ability and should be […]

Can cleaning products go out of date?

Simple answer is not usually for a long time, but there is a longer answer, few exceptions and some points to bear in mind! As a rule of thumb, you should use cleaning chemicals within 1 year of the purchase date from your supplier. Cleaning chemicals should be stored in a ‘clean, dry, cool’ area […]

Where should cleaning chemicals be stored?

Cleaning chemicals should be stored out of the reach of children in a secure place that is clean cool and dry. The ideal height for storage of cleaning chemicals is no higher than eye level to avoid reaching up for heavy containers and never on the floor to avoid liquids being knocked over. Shelves need […]

Chewing Gum Nightmare?

If you’re fed up standing on chewing gum – Cleancare have another solution! i-Gum is a fantastic and innovative new piece of equipment which can remove chewing gum from almost all surfaces in 6 seconds. Works outdoors and indoors on Hard floors, carpets and even tarmac, we are looking forward to cleaning up around the […]