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Exploring Alternatives To Butchers Speedball

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In the UK, one industry that has been significantly impacted by Brexit is the cleaning sector, and suppliers of Butchers Speedball are finding it increasingly difficult to source.  With Brexit ushering in changes to trade regulations and supply chains, many companies have faced obstacles in obtaining their regular supplies.  Butchers Speedball, a popular cleaning product […]

Raphael Hand Towel Dispenser vs Standard Hand Towel Dispensers

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Good hygiene practices, and hand hygiene in particular, are crucial to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. With increased hygiene awareness, people are constantly seeking ways to maintain clean and sanitised environments and find ways to reduce contact with germ-transferring surfaces. An essential tool for maintaining good hand hygiene is a hand towel dispenser. […]

How Do I Steam Clean And What Equipment Will I Need?

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Steam cleaning has many advantages over cold scrubbing or dry vacuuming, but the choice of machines is as large as the many applications it is best suited to. Here we unpack the what, why and how of steam cleaning machines. What are the benefits of steam cleaning? Steam Cleaners are used by many professional cleaning […]

Q & A On Fogging Machines To Fight Covid-19

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As a local family business Cleancare have been a supplier of fogging machines, steam disinfection machines, and ozone generators based in Northern Ireland since 1976. The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a huge demand for fogging machines and resulted in the launch of several different types becoming available. This has in turn […]

Cleaning vs Disinfecting vs Sanitisation

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What do we mean by Cleaning? Surface cleaning is obtained by removing debris, dust, film buildup and dirt using suitable chemicals and tools.  It is important to choose the correct chemical and cleaning equipment as obviously they need to be strong enough to remove the dirt whilst not damaging the actual surface or it’s surroundings. […]

Can cleaning products go out of date?

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Simple answer is not usually for a long time, but there is a longer answer, few exceptions and some points to bear in mind! As a rule of thumb, you should use cleaning chemicals within 1 year of the purchase date from your supplier. Cleaning chemicals should be stored in a ‘clean, dry, cool’ area […]

Where should cleaning chemicals be stored?

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Cleaning chemicals should be stored out of the reach of children in a secure place that is clean cool and dry. The ideal height for storage of cleaning chemicals is no higher than eye level to avoid reaching up for heavy containers and never on the floor to avoid liquids being knocked over. Shelves need […]