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Is There Anything Better Than A Henry Hoover?

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What Makes The Henry Hoover So Popular? Henry Hoover is still probably the most recognisable vacuum cleaner today, after four decades of bringing that irresistible smile to our serious cleaning tasks.  Despite Henry’s owner, Numatic, making every attempt to cut out the original ‘Hoover’ name (it was becoming too generic as a loose term for […]

Cleaning Sprayers – Commercial and Domestic – A Full Overview

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The choice of cleaning sprayers out there is wide and varied especially since the COVID pandemic and the need for increased sanitisation with disinfectants. There are, however, a fair variety of tasks that cleaning sprayers are used for which will influence what product is right for your needs and the task on hand. BROWSE OUR […]

Which Commercial Steam Cleaning Machine Is Best For Carpet Cleaning?

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We are often asked by cleaning contractors which commercial steam cleaning machine is best for carpet cleaning, so we thought it would be worthwhile outlining some guidelines to help you in the choices of commercial carpet steam cleaners and vacuum options available. What Are Commercial Steam Cleaning Machines? Both the Elsea Poseido Wet and Dry […]

Why Paper Prices Keep Rising | Toilet Rolls And Hand Towels

Why Paper Hygiene Product Prices Keep Rising

You may well be wondering why there seem to be so many price increases for paper hygiene products recently and especially why is the price of toilet paper going up?  Of course, it’s not only toilet paper rolls, in fact, paper hand towels and other disposable wiping rolls are also suffering from rising prices. BROWSE […]

Hygiene Products to prevent Coronavirus.

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The Coronavirus – what you need to know. The world health organisation has released health information on how to protect yourself and others from the Coronavirus.  The Coronaviruses are a large family or viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases. The virus can be transmitted between animals and people. […]