What is Orbital Cleaning?

Orbital Cleaning relates to how the machine moves.  The orbital mechanics allows the machines to vibrate and rotate at the same time.  This means that instead of turning in circles like conventional machines the orbital action moves forwards, backwards, left and right in quick succession, which gives cleaning from all sides and angles.

What’s good about Orbital Cleaning?

The Orbital Cleaning action means that the equipment stays where you place it – it doesn’t ‘pull’ you in a different direction.

It cleans from every angle – this means that it gets into those awkward cleaning areas a lot easier, giving superior cleaning effectiveness.

The orbital action delivers an even clean throughout – this means that it does not leave swirl marks, unlike standard rotary cleaning equipment.

The Orbital Action gives a much greater agitation – this greatly speeds up the cleaning process.  If it didn’t have that greater agitation, you would need to go over the area a number of times, which takes longer and requires more labour.

There are also a number of other benefits of using Orbital Cleaning Equipment, depending on your application:

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