Soap dispensers in commercial washrooms sometimes develop a leak causing the soap to drip out onto the bench or worse still the floor beneath.

This is unsightly, and wasteful and can cause a slip hazard if it’s dripping onto the floor.

There can be several causes and some easy fixes as below:

  1. Diluted Soap?

Perhaps one of your more frugal members of the team decided that soap would go further if we diluted it.  After all, it looks pretty thick….

Soap consistency is important so unfortunately diluting soap or even just a thin hand soap will ‘run through’ the dispensers. Get back to original quality and you’ll have a better experience.

  1. Clogged With Old Soap

Especially in warm environments and where usage is low soap dispensers can clog with old crusty soap! Yeah sounds gross and it is! In actual fact, more than 60% of soap dispensers contain unsafe levels of bacteria, but we’ll get to that later….

To fix the clog you will need to get the pump mechanism out of the dispensers and soak it in some hot water for 15 minutes then give it a rinse through, top up again and you should be sorted.

  1. There May Be A Split In The Tank Or A Tube.

Whilst you have the insides of the dispenser removed for cleaning, give everything a check over for a crack or split somewhere. You don’t want to spend time cleaning everything out to find it still leaks!

If there’s a split at least that part will need replacing if it’s available otherwise you’ll have to replace the dispenser.

  1. Install Soap Dispenser Drip Trays!

I saw this on a competitor’s website and thought seriously??!!  Carry on wasting soap and install another thing for your cleaners to clean?  Whilst possible, I doubt this is a sensible solution.

  1. If All Else Fails Get Some New Dispensers Supplied Free Of Charge.

To me, that sounds better.  Give us a shout at Cleancare, and we can supply you with our nice new foaming soap dispensers absolutely free of charge and they are guaranteed for life to never leak, drip or clog.  Apart from anything else, you’ll use a lot less soap and because they refill by simply popping in a sealed soap refill you won’t get unwanted bacteria or have people adding contaminants.

Sounds too good to be true?  It’s really not just drop us an email or give us a call now and we can sort out your soap issues soon.