We often get the comment, ‘I don’t think our cleaners know how to load the dispensers properly’ and our first thoughts are, Did anyone ever show them?

So here are a few tips:

Don’t Overfill The Dispenser

Any dispenser has a maximum capacity and overfilling them causes jamming and product waste. If you need to stuff the dispenser full so that it lasts until the next top up perhaps we need to look at a larger capacity system.

Put The Towels In The Right Way Up

Yes, believe it or not, towels have a top and bottom! You will find there is an exposed or cut edge on one side of the bundle and that needs to face out of the dispenser.

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Perhaps Get A Simpler System?

Let’s face it everything improves over years and there are likely more modern alternatives to the system you have today. Why not book a free washroom survey and compare alternatives? You might even save some money!  Why not book a free washroom survey and compare alternatives such as the Raphael Electronic Paper Towel Roll Dispenser featured in the video below?

Last, But Not Least, Get Training!

Yes, it sounds dramatic but there’s nothing like being shown.

That’s why at Cleancare we’re more than happy to back up our systems with training for your cleaners (or whoever is responsible to fill dispensers) on-site at a time that suits you.

There are even videos available for reference at any time.