Returning to Normality with Cleancare

Protect yourself & your colleagues

To ensure the safety of you and your colleagues you should make sure everyone washes their hands thoroughly and more often than usual for at least 20 seconds. After washing or when washing isn’t possible you should sanitise your hands with our Dermagel 76% alcohol hand sanitiser.

Ensuring your teams have the correct PPE to allow them to carry out their duties is vital. We can supply you with face masks, visors, gloves, aprons and glasses.

Protect your customers

Protect your workplace

To ensure you keep all areas clean and disinfected we have a range of products including Ultra AX which has been tested and confirmed effective in killing the Coronavirus Family. We also have a range of fogging machines and solution to help disinfect larger areas quickly and safely. Having hand sanitiser readily available is also a great way to stop the spread.

We’re starting to see life return to normal as businesses, restaurants and bars re-open. To ensure we don’t fall back into old habits we must make every effort to keep our colleagues, workplaces and ourselves as safe and clean as possible. If you have any questions on any of our products please call on 028 9084 8595 or email us at or

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