Cleaning chemicals should be stored out of the reach of children in a secure place that is clean cool and dry.

The ideal height for storage of cleaning chemicals is no higher than eye level to avoid reaching up for heavy containers and never on the floor to avoid liquids being knocked over.

Shelves need to be strong stable and level to avoid containers tipping over. Do not overcrowd shelves so containers are visible and ALWAYS ensure containers are labelled.

If you transfer into smaller containers (Like trigger sprays) make sure they are labeled and NEVER use containers that are designed to hold food or drinks.

Ensure you have COSHH information or SDS (Safety Data Sheets) to hand for all your cleaning chemicals and it is a good idea to keep a list of all the products you keep on site with their intended use. If you have hazardous products think about grouping them in accordance with the hazard e.g. Flammable items must be kept away from heat or ignition sources.

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Persons who have access to your cleaning chemical storage need to be trained in the use of the products. This is why it’s important that your supply is consistent, if you continuously change product in accordance with what’s on offer at the time of purchase is certain that something will get used incorrectly and cause damage either to surfaces or people. (If competent, your supplier will be able to help you with all of this)

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