Blocked Urinals? Smell of urine in the gent’s toilets? These 3 steps will sort the problem.

This is a nasty, unpleasant problem that a lot of facilities managers have to contend with so I thought it good to put some simple instructions together to help…


  1. Blocked drains need to be cleared and need to be cleared fast.

There’s no point in having the best fragrance system on the market or the most powerful deodoriser you can get when the drain is jammed with solid urine! Gross right but that’s reality. Urine solidifies into uric scale and in hard water areas the water scale also builds up which results in a solid mass in the pipes that is full of bacteria causing ammonia gas and ultimately it stinks.

You need to clear this out with something like our Acid Drain Opener or call a drain engineer.

It is most likely, especially in very busy washrooms or severe hard water areas that you need to repeat this step as a monthly ‘Shock Treatment’ for your drains.


  1. Get some enzymes to eat the cause of your problem constantly

Now that your drains are clear it’s worth installing some biological enzymes to constantly eat away at the uric scale and prevent it from building up. These can be the simple Bio blocks dropped into the urinal or the Bio Pod which encloses the block under a ‘mushroom’ style cap keeping everything tidy. Either of these will also now enable you to reduce your flushing interval to every 8 hours thereby also saving water.


  1. Now that everything is flowing add some fragrance!

With clean drains and free-flowing flushes possible, you can now add some fragrance for a sweet-smelling gent’s washroom!  A deodourising air freshening system like the Oxygen Viva will neutralise toilet odours and freshen continuously. The P-Pad is a great and simple screen to install on your urinals – just drop them in and your gents will have fresh citrus-mango fragrance for 30 days. These high-functioning urinal mat screens stop litter clogging the drain outlet and prevent splashback as you now pee on a soft bristle mesh screen, not solid ceramic!  This brings me to another point – Thoroughly clean your tiles and the area around the urinals with a bactericidal washroom cleaner – Never use floor polish or maintainer, the polymer will harbour smells badly.

Written by Danny Jones, a self-confessed #hygienefreak Cleaning Materials enthusiast.  Do you have some workplace cleaning questions?  Wondering what tools and materials are needed for a particular task?  Struggling to find a cleaning product in Ireland?  Contact Danny directly on 028 9084 8595