What Makes The Henry Hoover So Popular?

Henry Hoover is still probably the most recognisable vacuum cleaner today, after four decades of bringing that irresistible smile to our serious cleaning tasks.  Despite Henry’s owner, Numatic, making every attempt to cut out the original ‘Hoover’ name (it was becoming too generic as a loose term for ‘vacuum’ – a victim of its own success), the words Henry Hoover appear now to be hard-wired into the English language.

Is Henry Still The Most Loved Hoover – Sorry, Vacuum Cleaner In 2023?

Like that other British icon Marmite, the Henry can be a love-or-hate thing for either professional or domestic users.  The reasoning behind this is simple when you consider why the Henry vacuum cleaner become so popular in the first place; it is robust enough for most commercial jobs, whilst being compact enough (and priced for) domestic vacuum cleaning.  Henry’s smile gets him everywhere, from the workshop or retail store to the home, via the work van or car boot – breakfast crumbs or DIY debris, it’s all in a day’s work for Henry.

Henry’s all-embracing character has allowed Numatic to keep mass production in its own Somerset factory and ship out over 1 million vacs per year, all over the globe.

Henry’s universal appeal might be best for domestic and smaller commercial vacuuming jobs, Numatic has seen the requirement for a slightly more robust model, especially for larger offices, shops and other workplaces such as workshops, or homes that have pets.  Whilst Numatic has toyed with different models of Henry (and names), the Henry HVR200 has long been the most popular, so its no wonder that they choose to base their next model larger on this one..

Are There Better Alternatives To The Henry Hoover?

Is there a more powerful version of Henry?  Maybe something a bit more robust, more powerful and with a larger capacity dust collector – still at a similar retail price?  And whilst we’re at it, how about another couple of metres of cable so you can reach those last two steps or into that far corner of the office?

The Elsea Vacuum vs the Numatic Nuvac Commercial Henry Vacuum Cleaner

Whilst we love the original Henry and do recommend it (the Numatic Pro-spec HVR200) for many circumstances, we also offer a couple of choices of slightly more industrial vacuum cleaners as alternatives in a similar price bracket.

The Elsea Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is very comparable to Numatics’s Henry but has a super-powerful 1150w motor, large stable wheels and a whopping 21-litre dirt collector (over double that of the standard Henry’s!).  Numatic’s challenger to the Elsea, the Nuvac industrial vac, is an upgrade of Henry, with larger wheels to add stability and easier maneuvering.  Both the Henry and the Nuvac use an ultra-efficient 620w motor which is quieter than other industrial vacuums and comes with an Energy-Star rating of ‘B’.

Both the Elsea Esat floor vac and Numatic Nuvac come with 12 metres of hi-vis yellow power cord, making them ideal for offices, shops, and other workplaces.  The larger offset wheels mean the vac follows you without a tussle and is much less likely to tip over on the job, compared to the original Henry.  Both the Esat and Nuvac are supplied with a chrome tube floor wand, combination tool, and crevice nozzle, whilst some packages also include an upholstery cleaning head, you can rest assured they all have the main vacuuming tasks covered.

While Henry is great for most things, an alternative wet and dry vac model, George or Charles (depending on the spec), is the most powerful vacuum of the Numatic vacuum family and both these models have a 1,060-watt motor.  Elsea’s Estro is a wet/dry vac for floors and upholstery that has a more powerful motor at 1,150 Watt motor.

Numatic Henry vs Nuvac Hoover vs Elsea Esat Specifications

Henry Hoover

Elsea Esat

Numatic Nuvac

Air-flow rate (m3/Hr)



Capacity (Litres)




Weight (Kg)




Power Cable Length




Noise level (dB(A)




Hose Length




Commercial Vacuum from Hoover henry vacuum Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners vs Entry-Level Commercial/Domestic Vacuums

This article considers the top-selling vacuum models from our entry-level low-cost commercial floor vac range. At CleanCare, we sell many different models of Floor cleaning machines, from an ultra-quiet vacuum that’s ideal for commercial offices to heavy-duty vacuum cleaners, even indoor/outdoor wet & dry vacuum cleaners that are great for gutter clearing!

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