The choice of cleaning sprayers out there is wide and varied especially since the COVID pandemic and the need for increased sanitisation with disinfectants.

There are, however, a fair variety of tasks that cleaning sprayers are used for which will influence what product is right for your needs and the task on hand.


Using A Cleaning Sprayer In A Commercial Environment

Whether you are removing graffiti or looking to do a deep clean of your industrial premises, these tasks often require DEGREASER CHEMICALS AND SPRAYS which are effective, fast-acting, and well-priced products designed to cut through lubricants and paint.  This means you would be looking for a CLEANING SPRAYER WITH VITON SEALS that can resist the effects of harsh chemicals. A larger volume sprayer would also be an advantage with a minimum of pumping required, and ideally a long spray lance.

Damage to sprayers mostly comes from leaving chemicals stored in them, therefore to make your sprayer last longer, we recommend you rinse it out thoroughly when you have finished using it.  Or, to make your life extra simple, our 30L TROLLEY BATTERY SPRAYER comes with a handy rinse mode that enables you to pick up water from an external bucket so you can rinse the pump system without having to empty the content of the tank.

Softwashing is a term for exterior building and wall or roof cleaning of render, brick, concrete, and tiles that generally uses a strong biocide like Sodium Hypochlorite or DDAC to kill the algae on these surfaces.  This again requires the sprayer to have Viton seals to withstand the effect of the chemicals on the pumping mechanism.

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Using Cleaning Sprayers In A Domestic Environment

When it comes to using carpet cleaning machines in your home, we’re sure that you will want something more petit and handheld; such as the VENUS SUPER 360 PRO+ HAND SPRAYER as in this task it is not so much around bulk spraying but focused work with more finesse.  In all cleaning scenarios you could do with an easier life so why not consider our BATTERY-POWERED CLEANING SPRAYERS to save hand pumping?

You can purchase our 1L BATTERY POWERED CLEANING SPRAYER for all your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs – and if you ever need it to, it even works upside down!  For larger spaces, we also have the 8L BATTERY-POWERED SPRAYER that provides a continuous spray and even includes a battery level indicator.  Our premium sprayer, the KWAZAR ORION CLEANING SPRAYER, is perfect for a range of uses from general cleaning to carpet and car cleaning.

And If you’re looking to give your car a spruce up, it’s great to have several smaller sprayers just to hand for these tasks – you may want acidic alloy wheel cleaner to remove brake dust, and then go straight on to foaming tyre shine, in a different COLOUR-CODED HAND-HELD SPRAYER. For this reason, smaller sprayers like the Venus range are popular.

We have compact sprayers for both alkaline and acid cleaners from stock and a whole range of professional CAR CLEANING CHEMICALS to choose from.

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Cleaning Sprayers And Your Budget

As with everything, your budget has a bearing on what can be used – domestic cleaning sprayers will tend to be less expensive than your large commercial cleaning sprayers.  If it’s not stating the obvious, it’s important to take good care of your equipment to ensure longer service life.

As a bit of an overview, a chemical-proof, stainless-steel metal spray lance will cost more than £200, however many of our compact hand-held models are around £25,00 each.

Currently, our SANIQUE S3 POWERED FOGGING SANITISER SPRAYER is on sale for £695.00 – this is perfect for applying sanitiser virucide and anti-bacterial chemicals in a commercial environment.

Looking for something smaller, cheaper, and an all-around ‘good guy’? We think our VENUS CLEANING SPRAYER range will be the perfect fit for you.  And a bonus is that it can be used in both a commercial and domestic environment.

Do you want to know more or order a cleaning sprayer? Please get in touch by calling us on 0289 084 8595.

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