Urinal Screen Mats – what are they?

Urinal screen mats have become exceedingly popular over the past few years, many more gents’ washrooms now use them in their urinals either as an alternative to, or in combination with the dissolving chemical toilet blocks.  Why are these rubbery mats now the most popular method of keeping urinals clean and fresh?  Do they work and how long do they last?  Why do they vary in price?  Read on to learn the answer to these and other burning questions regarding urinal mats…

What is the Purpose of Urinal Screen Mats?

Odour Control

The original idea of these gel screens was to deodorise or mask the smells coming from urinals.  Those like the P-wave urinal and V-Screen are scented with a reservoir of deodorizing perfume embedded within the flexible polymer so release their fragrance ‘on demand’ – or ‘on pee’ so to speak.

Prevent Urinals and Drains from blockage

The mesh of urinal mats is designed to trap drain-blocking solids such as chewing gum, hair and the myriad other items that tend to get dropped into urinals and cause expensive and unpleasant blocked-drain crises.

Splash Prevention

Coming back to odour control, urine splashback is the main cause of bad odours and bacteria build-up around urinals.  Often invisible, fine splashback contaminates floors, privacy screens and walls surrounding the urinals, which then become breeding grounds for germs and malodour.  Porous grout and other hard-to-clean regions in urinal blocks such as corners and pipes are notorious for persistent urine odours.

As the best-designed urinal mat screen minimises splashing, it leads to a much fresher and easier-to-clean washroom and this feature alone is arguably the most important benefit of these effective screens.

Environmental and User Safety

As most urinal screens are free from harmful chemicals, they are safer for cleaners, users and for the environment.  They are also lightweight and compact which helps reduce transportation emissions. Most plastic screens for urinals claim to be recyclable, but with them coming under biohazardous waste, dropping them in the general plastic recycling bin isn’t an option so special recycling arrangements are required.

There is currently only one bio-degradable urinal screen on the market, the Ekcos Urinal P Pad.

A Question of Aim, or Urinal Shape Design?

Such is the age-old problem of man’s aim, that much innovative thought has led to pioneering approaches which utilise the unique psychology of the male brain, from ‘fly targets’ to more technologically advanced urine directed video games – which are “un-missable” according to their creator.

But even the best aim in the game isn’t enough to prevent spray and splashback from what is a high-velocity stream hitting the porcelain – enter the well-designed, Ekcos P Pad – a patented Urinal Screen offering great value features available for quick delivery from Cleancare Ireland.

Best Effective Urinal Screen

“All men are created equal” proclaimed Thomas Jefferson; but the same cannot be said of the less celebrated (but still important in the gents), Urinal Mats on the market today.

The P Pad overcomes many of the problems of earlier screens and their inferior copies and is therefore our chosen urinal mat product.  Its patented design, which involves sealed bristles was created to eliminate backsplash, and it has antibacterial properties inherent in the flexible resin material used.  These features vastly reduce the root causes of surface contamination and odour, rather than simply masking the bad smell with its fragrance like some mats.

The P Pad is also the only screen mat that is biodegradable, meaning no harmful landfill.  There are two versions of this urinal screen available, the standard one lasts 30 days, with the enhanced version lasting 60 days – saving you time and money in your urinal cleaning costs.  Both have an option of fragrances that are ‘intelligently’ released over time, meaning you get lasting gain over the entire usage period, even in the busiest washrooms.

Air Freshener for Vacuum Cleaners

It’s not only for urinal users; everyone can benefit from the P Pad’s long-lasting fragrance and anti-bacterial properties as they make it an ideal air freshener to pop into vacuum cleaners like the Henry Hoover or the popular shop-floor vacuum Elsea Esat.

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