In the UK, one industry that has been significantly impacted by Brexit is the cleaning sector, and suppliers of Butchers Speedball are finding it increasingly difficult to source.  With Brexit ushering in changes to trade regulations and supply chains, many companies have faced obstacles in obtaining their regular supplies.  Butchers Speedball, a popular cleaning product known for its versatility, has been no exception.  For businesses dependent on this product, scarcity has become a source of concern.  Fortunately, there are other reliable and innovative solutions to consider.

Introducing The Alternative – HERO Citro, Heavy Duty Citrus Cleaner

The HERO Citro Heavy Duty Citrus Cleaner is the perfect alternative to Butchers Speedball as it’s specially formulated to tackle even the toughest grease and grime.  This versatile solution is perfect for floors, walls, hard surfaces, machinery, and more.  Its efficacy as an alloy wheel cleaner adds to its wide range of applications.  Say goodbye to stubborn stains and embrace the effectiveness of our citrus degreaser.  Looking for a reliable alternative to Butchers Speedball?  Look no further!  Our citrus degreaser is a fantastic option that ensures exceptional cleaning results every time.

Or A Ready To Use Diluted Option – Clover Spray & Wipe

Clover Spray & Wipe is a versatile and powerful cleaning agent that can serve as an excellent diluted alternative to Butchers Speedball.  This solution is a convenient, ready-to-use cleaner and disinfectant featuring a delightful floral fragrance.  Specifically formulated for daily use, it ensures your surroundings remain clean and hygienic.  This powerful solution eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, including MRSA, and has been rigorously tested to meet BS EN 1276 standards.  This is a perfect solution for effectively cleaning and disinfecting a wide range of surfaces, including bathrooms, mirrors, furniture, and mobility equipment to name a few.  Keep your environment spotless and germ-free with Clover’s Spray & Wipe.

Why Choose CleanCare Ireland?

As a leading provider of cleaning solutions in the UK and Ireland, we understand the challenges businesses face in the wake of Brexit.  With our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we have diligently researched and stocked our inventory with alternative products that can seamlessly replace Butchers Speedball.  Our vast selection of high-quality cleaning agents ensures that you will find the perfect match for your unique cleaning requirements.

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