High Foam Chemical – Low Environmental Impact!

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Ask any British child (who’s been taught some history) about the network of canals and the chances are they’ll be able to tell you that these waterways were designed to provide irrigation but then really came into their own during the Industrial Revolution when they enabled suppliers to move large quantities of goods around the country. The manufacturer involved in the production of this particular detergent probably never expected to take its products to market via the canal but perhaps they should turn this week’s mishap to advantage and using it their marketing material? Manchester’s Ashton Canal was turned into what may well be the world’s biggest bubble bath when water shot in by fire crews tackling a blaze at a nearby chemical plant mixed with detergents that were being stored there. When the residue drained into the canal, it formed a 6ft wall of foam that covered a 100ft stretch of the waterway. I understand that the foam raised a few smiles from those needing to navigate it and luckily initial investigations by the Environment Agency reveal little impact on water quality and thus minimal danger to wildlife, which is really lucky. There is more benefits than meet the eye to using Environmentally friendly products!

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