Q & A On Fogging Machines To Fight Covid-19

Fogging Machines

As a local family business Cleancare have been a supplier of fogging machines, steam disinfection machines, and ozone generators based in Northern Ireland since 1976.

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a huge demand for fogging machines and resulted in the launch of several different types becoming available. This has in turn made our experience invaluable and today we are pleased to offer our advice and support to anyone looking for the best type of Covid 19 Fogging machine to suit their needs.

Some fogging machines are more portable and lighter than others, some are best for industrial use and treatment of large areas. Cordless and battery-operated fogging machines are also available and give for very quick set up and ability to be independent of mains power supply.

Some of the common questions we get asked about fogging machines are as follows:

Are fogging machines safe to use:

Yes, with the correct training (which we provide if you purchase your machine from us) and the appropriate PPE fogging machines are very simple and safe to use.

Do I need a lot of PPE to use a fogging machine?

You need to wear a close-fitting mask, at least KN95 or FFP2 level of filtration. This is so that you do not breathe in the ‘fog’ or vapour of the disinfectant which would try to kill the bacteria that is naturally in your throat. (Many of us will have experienced this at some time by spraying some bactericidal cleaning product and it makes you start to ‘choke or cough’)

After that just normal work clothes is appropriate ensuring your skin is covered so some gloves would be a requirement. Disposable Forensic style boiler suits are not essential when using fogging machines.

Fogging Machines

Is there a fogging machine that does not require me to wear PPE?

Essentially the answer to this is no but there are other ways to sanitise rooms that do not require the operator to wear any protective masks or equipment. For example, our Ozono3 Ozone generators are simply placed in a room and operate on a countdown timer so as the operator is not required to be present or do any physical work these machines are a very efficient way of disinfecting rooms as no labour input is required.

Can you get battery fogging machines?

Yes, there are cordless fogging machines available. Something to note however that due to the rise in the demand of these machines lots of new products are being launched and are inappropriately named as fogging machines. As an example, people call our very effective battery-operated electrostatic sprayers a fogging machine, this is in my view incorrect.

Electrostatic sprayers are an excellent machine for sanitising touch points and handrails at close quarters, but they don’t have the powerful fan that gives a fogging machine long reach spray of the fog to fumigate an entire room.

If you want to sanitise touch points, Keyboards, Door handles, Handrails while people are present then an electrostatic or fine mist sprayer like the Motorscrubber storm are excellent options and you can read more about these in our article on electrostatic and fine mist sprayers.

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