Simple answer is not usually for a long time, but there is a longer answer, few exceptions and some points to bear in mind!

As a rule of thumb, you should use cleaning chemicals within 1 year of the purchase date from your supplier.

Cleaning chemicals should be stored in a ‘clean, dry, cool’ area preferably off the floor. If your chemicals have been subjected to extreme temperatures – Over 25c or below 2c it is likely they will have suffered some damage.

Check the look of your products, has the liquid separated into layers or can you see what appears to be semi-solid undissolved matter floating – these are likely signs of temperature damage and the products are probably not useable.

Some chemicals are more susceptible to extremes than others, Bleach for example or any chlorine-based product will decompose quickly if subjected to high temperatures or sunlight. It can in fact lose as much as 1% of its chlorine content in a day so if the ‘average’ commercial bleach is 5 – 7% chlorine and you leave it in strong sunlight it is completely nullified in a week!

Another point to remember is that diluted solutions of chemicals should be fresh and used as soon as practically possible. Of course, it is OK to dilute something you are going to use regularly over the next few weeks but ideally you should dilute for the job in hand. If you find old diluted products in the cleaners store it’s best to dispose of them safely as you may not even be sure what they are and using the wrong product on an incompatible surface can lead to damage!

If you dilute products, it is very important that you label the container now holding the solution. Stock management is important, why hold a huge variety of cleaning chemicals when you could likely clean your entire building safely and effectively with 3 products? If you’d like to discuss how to make your Cleaning regime more effective contact Cleancare Ireland, we’ll be very happy to assist.

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